New beauty routine!

I’ve always used high-end skin care products. The first skin care line I’ve ever used was by Lancaster. My mom bought it for me when she thought I was old enough to use them as a daily routine. Quickly after that I changed to Dior, which I have been using for years. Then I tried Chanel and Clarins but both didn’t really work for me. Somehow I always kept having extremely dry spots on my cheeks and impurities on my chin. My solution is my new beauty routine with mostly products from The Body Shop. My skin has never looked so flawless as it does today and I’ve only been using these products for over a month now. The Body Shop is my new favorite store in town!

Morning routine
- Seaweed deep cleansing face wash
- Cucumber freshening water
- Seaweed pore protector (only on my nose and chin)
- Aloe eye defense
- Seaweed mattifying moisture lotion

Evening routine
- MAC cleanse off oil (only if I wore makeup throughout the day)
- Seaweed deep cleansing face wash
- Cucumber freshening water
- Vitamin E moisture serum
- Vitamin E nourishing night cream
- Aloe lip treatment

Extra evening routine, twice a week
- Vitamin C microdermabrasion scrub
- Seaweed clay mask or Vitamin E sink in moisture mask

I can recommend everyone to use the skin care products by The Body Shop. Of course you have to use the products that match your skin type, but you can match different lines if you want to. I choose to use products from different lines and it works perfectly for me. For everyone who is completely satisfied with the skin care products that they are using I can still recommend you to use the MAC cleanse off oil, Vitamin C microdermabrasion scrub and masks by The Body Shop. These products are my favorite from the bunch. What are your favorite products? Do you have a typical beauty routine just like me? Tell me your beauty secrets!

With love,

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Nora said...

Wat doet die cucumber freshening water precies? :)
&die vitamine E dingen heb ik ook :) superfijn.
En ik ga sowieso al naar topshop!! :D

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh, good routine, haha. I don't even have one so its way better than mine ;)

* said...

a really nice blog. and i LOVE bodyshop products! :)

Samm said...

I love the bodyshop!
Wanneer ga je eens een post maken over al je andere mooie aankopen van NYC? =D

Liefs! xx

We love the sweet life said...

de cucumber refreshening water is een toner. Die gebruik je na je facewash! Hij is van the body shop classic lijn en kost daarom maar 5 EUR!

Ik heb gister foto's gemaakt dus de nyc shoplog komt binnenkort online! :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

THanks for sharing all your product info! So helpful!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

We have the bodyshop here in Honolulu and I love going to there mostly because it smells so good :-). I tried their body lotions and they're very rich and moistrizing. I use mostly drug store products for my skin and they work fine for me. I will try the seaweed mask! It sounds really nice! xoxoxoxoxoo

Sophie said...

I am so jealous of all these product you have. I love using the body shop products - ive got some body shop face wash and i love it!

j calhoun said...

my beauty secret is simple, always start washing ur face with hot water and after that with cold water!!!
thx for being my follower!!

KISSES julia

Carla said...

Those products seem so nice. Im obsessed with skin care. I don't want anything but flawless skin (an obsession of mine, weird I know lol)

Redhead In Law

Juliette said...

Niceeee! :D

the chirpy bird said...

I love body shop too! Their mango and coconut body butter is so fab!
Love this
xo tash

We love the sweet life said...

@ the chirpy bird

Yea i know!! A friend of mine gave me all sort of products of the coconut line for my birthday. I feel in love ever since!! They are the best! =D

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

wow you have different products for morning and evening? i have 4 products that i use! is that vitamin c microdermabrasion really worth it? i've heard from a couple of people that its very good!


We love the sweet life said...

The vitamin c microdermabrasion is really really worth it! I love it. It is a very subtle scrub, which feels like sand but it works amazing.

And yea I use different products in the morning and evening, because I have a combined skin. Really dry spot, but also impurities. So I decided to mix different lines so I can get rid of both problems. It works good for me :)


Lilpixie said...

Love bodyshop products they smell so nice!

Angélique said...

Dat ziet er goed verzorgd uit :)

Fashion Queen said...

Deze spulletjes zien er heerlijk uit.

Salony said...

I love to read about other's beauty routines. I love stores like Lush and all, but I only use products from the pharmacy for my skin, like Vichy and La Roche Possay...

D e g a i n e said...

Love the vitamin E line, it does wonders!

D e g a i n e


julianne. said...

you must have such flawless skin.
i need a routine like this.<3

Funkydoris said...

Spulletjes van de bodyshop doen het altijd erg goed, ben ook blij met de seaweed lijn!
x funkydoris.blogspot.com


I love the Bodyshop! I also use their cocos bodybutter and their raspberrybodybutter are so fine!^^

Nina said...

Lovely little things!


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