La dolce vita!

As mentioned in our first post we got inspired to start this blog while spending our holiday in Italy. For the past few years we always traveled somewhere far such as Cuba, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia and Mexico. Our parents wanted us to realize that life can be different for someone else. Teach us what poor means and show us the value of life. We are so grateful for that, but after spending four exhausting weeks in Indonesia last year we decided that we wanted to go somewhere close by home. We live in The Netherlands and Italy is not so far from here, besides we all love the Italian kitchen, so a destination for our summer trip this year was easily made! We found a very nice house to rent in Umbria. It took us a two day ride to get there and the place was so breathtakingly beautiful. We didn’t do a lot while being there, except for eating, but we did visit some great places such as Rome, Florence and Perugia. Mostly we stayed at home though nearby the swimming pool enjoying the sun and eating fresh fruit. Greatest thing about a holiday like this is that you can totally relax and rethink about life. You don’t need a vacation to a giant five star hotel somewhere in the Caribbean to relax and enjoy! Remember and respect the little things in life like the sun, a breezy wind while you’re feeling hot and an icecream which you share with your loved ones. Life is beautiful. Go out and live it!

With love,
Andy & Lysa

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Anonymous said...

I like this blog already! If I may ask where was the house you rented in Umbria?

We love the sweet life said...

Hi Giorgia,

Thank you so much!
The house we rented was in San Feliciano, a really small town, nearby Lago di Trasimeno. A really beautfiul place!


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