Lazy sunday mornings!

I woke up this morning to discover that my sister (Lysa) made me breakfast. A very welcoming surprise since I am still recovering from a huge jetlag. I came home on Thursday after an amazing trip to New York City. Expect an update and giant shoplog about that soon. Anyhow a well prepared breakfast was more than welcome. The rest off the day will consist of unpacking my suitcase, reading magazines, catch up on some sleep and preparing for my first day of college tomorrow. I love lazy Sundays like these! Have a wonderful day everyone!

With love,

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Rosa said...

i love lazy sundays

SAMM said...

Jammie! ziet er lekker uit!
Ik kom niet eens toe aan een blogupdate, maar moet het echt weer gaan doen hihi

Liefs x

bloomingvogue said...

This is a great welcome-back-home ;)

Simona said...

Tomorrow morning I'll dream a breakfast like yours.

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