NYC through the eyes of love!

New York City might be my biggest love ever. I fell in love with this city three years ago and I’ve been coming back every year ever since, sometimes even twice. Doesn’t it get boring? Never! There is something magical about this city. Something that completely intrigues me. At this point I don’t have any words to describe my love for this city. Although I’ve just returned I really miss being there and it makes me kind of sad not knowing when I will be there again. But it might be a good idea to send a love letter to my all time favorite city in the world anytime soon. For now, I am just watching my pictures over and over again. My heart skips a beat while I am cherishing the moment. Do you also have a love affair with a city? What is your favorite city in the world?

With love,

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Aisha said...

OMG!!!!!!! Geweldige foto's! Ik wil oooooook!!!!

delina said...

lucky lucky you! i want to NY, love it so much, great photographs dear x

Andy And Me said...

I love these pictures!!

vicky h. said...

totally in love with this post!! i spent 5 days in july in NYC this year (was my 2nd trip there) and loved it so sooo much!! I can seriously relate to every single picture you posted!! we saw the yankees on 4th of july :)

xox Vicky
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Ashley said...

Would be sooo great to visit NYC someday. In the meantime I'll just look at pretty pictures...

Christina said...

Ahhh I want to go to NYC! Great photos.

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