A lovely day at the park!

Fall has never been our favorite season because fall in The Netherlands basically means loads and loads of rain. Today was very different though. We woke up with the sun shining in our faces. Our schedules for the day were both filled with working on assignments and studying, but we just couldn’t let a pretty day like this go by. So we decided to grab lunch at our favorite place in Amsterdam called Palladium and have a long walk in the park afterwards. As usually we stayed way to long in Palladium, but after a hamburger, french fries, too much coffee, strawberries and a piece of apple-pie we finally went to the park. The sun was already going down, but the temperature was still really nice. Dolce (our little baby) was having the time of his life and so did we. Fall might not be our favorite season, but it is definitely the best season to enjoy nature and his pretty colors!

With love,
Andy & Lysa

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Victoria India said...

These photos are beautiful! Thanks for the comment and bloglovin follow :) I really appreciate it xo

Serena P. said...

Thank for your comment!!! So sweety dog!!! If you want follow my blog!

Andy And Me said...

wat een mooie foto's! Leuk die chaneloorbelletjes ook:)


j calhoun said...

babes u have to follow me ;-)
i will introduce u to the fancy life of new york ;-))
would love to have u as a follower!!!
all the best xxxx julia

julianne. said...

ahh that looks so lovellyyy.
what a cuute pup.
you are just gorgeous.<3

lo said...

amazing pics, SUCH a cute dog :D
thanks for following my blog as well btw! xx

Jessica Mura said...

very nice shoots and you two are so sweet!! I like the dog ^^ Nice blog, I hope to see you in mine and if you like it, we can follow each other :D

Samm said...

Aahh die foto van jullie 3en is leuk!
Dolce is zo'n schatje =D

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