A new beginning is coming closer!

When September is coming to an end my agenda always contains a page to remind me of buying a new agenda refill for the upcoming year. I bought mine last week and I always love the moment when I unwrap the package and see how Louis Vuitton has designed the refill. They change the design every year! Besides that I just love the thought of a new beginning with new plans, ideas and intentions, which I never keep unfortunately, but the feeling that you can start all over again feels good. At this moment I am a very happy girl and I don’t need or want anything to change. The only thing I really want to achieve in 2011 is to graduate from law school and finally become a lawyer. Do you guys have any plans, ideas or things that you want to achieve in the upcoming year? Already thought about New Years resolutions?

With love,

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Valerie said...

Het eten was super bij Hotel New York! & je hebt echt een mooie agenda!

Mila said...

Oooh love it!

Samm said...

De vulling ziet er leuk uit!
Ik wil ook nog steeds een CC agenda :)

Liefs xx

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Loving the agenda and gosh I haven't even thought of resolutions yet! I just hope the next year is as lovely as this one.


Moniek said...

Wauw, prachtige agenda!

vicky h. said...

ahhh I want that agenda soo bad! the stickers are more than amazing!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

wow that planner is beautiful! lucky, miss!

i'm a law student too, i should have graduated a couple years ago but i've been taking my time :) hopefully i'll graduate in early 2012!


Annet said...

I love your agenda! So much better than a normal one!

K. Annet

Jan said...

Pure liefde!
&Wat een leuke aankoopjes in de vorige post!

bloomingvogue said...

Thank you for your sweet comment =)

Never knew about this agenda! Pretty cool!

Samm said...

Hahaha! ja ik ben inderdaad ienieminie ;)
Maar ze hebben ze nog online! in 3 kleuren.. maar ik geloof dat jij nu ook een shopverbod hebt haha!

Wat raar van Bloglovin! dat heb ik nog niet eerder gehoord..
Misschien is het nu weer normaal?

Liefs xx

Emilie said...


t said...

Love that agenda!


Jan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
&Tof dat je haar flickr account gaat bekijken ^^

OMG die agenda is zoooooo mooi he!
Iedere keer als ik 'm zie dan smelt ik gewoon haha!
Hij is echt liefde!

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